• The enterprise, aware of the high social and environmental costs of dumping waste in landfills, prioritizes its recovery through recycling, reuse or production of energy. In order to promote these objectives it commits itself to transfer at least 60% of waste to recovery or reuse centers.
  • In order to guarantee peace of mind to its employees and the possibility to make plans for their future, SI.MA.D prioritizes stable working relations with contracts of indefinite duration. Constant and durable relations are also established with external collaborators and suppliers, with the conviction that a serene working environment can provide better services to our clients and create transparent and trustworthy business relations.
  • In accordance with Art. 3 of the Italian Constitution, the enterprise does not discriminate its personnel for their political orientations, religious beliefs, gender, skin colour, sexual orientation, race, spoken language or particular personal and social conditions.
  • The enterprise tends to promote integration, participation and confrontation instead of competitiveness. Any degrading or intimidating behavior is banished.
  • The enterprise demands respect for work at any level of responsibility, both towards its clients and suppliers and its employees.
  • The enterprise considers useful and necessary to promote or participate in social initiatives that protect the weakest and neediest part of the population as well as the environment.
  • The enterprise tends to promote and build a network of collaborations among regular businesses and no-profit organizations where the exchange of competences is preferred over the simple commercial exchange.



These criteria and commitments are only binding for SI.MA.D. S.r.l. and have no legal binding value as far as its contractual scopes and services rendered are concerned. SI.MA.D. srl esteems that they shape its activity and therefore considers it important to communicate them to its clients and suppliers. SI.MA.D. Srl expects that all business relation is animated by respect of these principles and appreciates any comment or suggestion to make the relationship better